Heart-warming moment golden retriever refuses to leave and watches over its Chinese owner as he wears a ventilator to sleep

 We truly don't deserve dogs!

Dogs are like a family to several folks, except for this dog in China, his owner means the planet to him. The three-year-old retriever named Mao is seen refusing to go away his owner’s bedside while the person wears a ventilator to sleep.

Mr Shao from central China’s Henan province, who suffers from a high vital signs and heart condition, said his loyal canine would stand by and watch him whenever he placed on the device. Mr Shao, 56, was advised by his doctor to wear a ventilator while sleeping to stop sudden asystole. When the person placed on the device for the prime time, he was surprised to find out his retriever running towards his bedside to remaining accessible, seemingly guarding him only in case of emergency.

In the footage filmed by the owner, the canine is seen laying his head on Mr Shao's chest, refusing to go away the person. MaoMao, don't be concerned . I'm alright. you'll go,' the owner said, trying to push away the retriever who remained still.

'Whenever I placed on the ventilator, the dog seems to possess sensed something, as if he knows I'm sick,' Mr Shao told reporters. 'He would only rise up once I awaken ,' the owner added. 'I've never seen such a sensitive dog. he's not my real family but he is as one.' The clip, filmed in the city of Xinxiang in Henan last April, became trending on Chinese social media in the week and touched the hearts of millions.

One commenter gasped: 'Dogs know everything like humans! they're truly our family.' Another dog owner shared their similar experience: 'When I buy sick, my dog would always stay next to me. It refuses to eat and appears so worried, really heart-warming!'

Last week, a faithful dog in Turkey shot to fame after she followed an ambulance carrying her sick owner to a hospital and waited outside for 6 days until they were finally reunited. On January 14, when an ambulance drove her owner Cemal Senturk to the hospital in Trabzon, the Black Sea city, Boncuk, the loyal pet, jumped up.

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