Heartbroken dog spends a week refusing to separate from his dead mother

On quiet one occasion, there was an intense debate in the networks about whether animals really have feelings. Except for those folks who love these sweet beings with all our strength and know them well, we've no doubts. They feel, love, and suffer.

Just as a mother’s love is extremely strong for her children, so too is her love for her parents, even in animals. A bit like during this incredible case found in India, when a puppy refuses to go away its mother’s body. Unfortunately, her mother was already dead and had been decomposing for several days. How sad!

Somi Gopalan had seen the image of that dog on Facebook a couple of days ago. It had been a touch dog laying on his dead mother’s body, but she didn’t know where it had been . VOSD (The Voice of Stray Dogs), discovered that the dog and his mother were in the same place for every week. It took a short time for Some to seekout where the puppy was and through that point VOSD didn't solve the matter.

Many people didn't hing because they did not skills the dog would react (they were afraid to approach). At the same time, everyone is discussing what to try.to. When Some arrived on the scene, she acted with great initiative and managed to assist the dog. So I gave the puppy’s mother a correct burial. Then, he had to convince the puppy to travel with him. This was very difficult because the puppy just wanted to remain with his mother.

In the end, he succeeded and took him to a secure place. The puppy was named Somi in honor of his savior and can be adopted by the founding father of VOSD. Now,Now the puppy has a new home.

The saddest of all is that the image of the puppy hugging its mother’s body remains being disseminated on social networks. And not only that, people spread the photo for private interests, posing for cash donations. It’s very outrageous to listen to this happening. Beware of people that try to take advantage of images like these. Fortunately, this dog has already been rescued and its mother buried. He will recover soon and have all the love he needs forever.

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