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Heartbroken Pitbull Cries Upon Realizing She Was Abandoned in a Shelter

 From abandoned dog to homecoming queen! The dog’s sad expression was very evident. She cried when she realized that her owners were never returning for her, and it broke numerous hearts of individuals round the world. Luck has been very kind to the present poor Pitbull dog that she found a replacement home with new loving owners. To some people, they're quite just pets, they're a part of the family, and therefore the dogs feel that, too.

A four-year-old pitbull is shown crying during a video captured by Lolys Menchaka, an activist who collaborates at California’s Inland Valley Humane Society Foundation, wherein it had been a really emotional moment for the dog when she realized that she has been abandoned during a shelter and her owners were never returning . She appeared to understand that the shelter was sort of a cage for abandoned dogs.

Electra was abandoned, although she may be a dog of excellent behavior and has never shown signs of aggression. Image credit: Zoorprendente

Their emotional reactions manifest and reflect on how dogs are affected once they leave them on the road or deliver them to a shelter.

Menchaka points out, with great sadness, that this is often not an exceptional case:

“Electra represents the face of sadness and reality within the shelters.”

Electra quickly fell into depression knowing she was abandoned by her family. Image credit: Zoorprendente

Although it's unclear whether Electra was abandoned within the street or delivered on to the shelter, members of IVHSF help these abandoned animals through their depression and maintain healthiness .

“Sometimes I’d wish to understand the owners who deliver their animals and that i don’t wish to judge them, but once you see the dogs come to the front desk, I can’t understand why it's very easy for them to only abandon these poor animals.”

To help combat Electra’s depression, he was given a short lived home. Image credit: Zoorprendente

Luckily, Electra’s sadness didn't last long. Image credit: Zoorprendente

Electra had the support of Tiffany Fan, a member and founding father of JL Resue, and located a short lived home when Adriane Silvano stepped in. Fan points out how dangerous depression are often when dogs are abandoned:

“I was so sad! i actually think sometimes they realize they’ve been abandoned, and that they just hand over .”

Although she was only adopted temporarily, Electra’s charming personality made her feel reception . Image credit: Zoorprendente

However, Electra’s sweetness was heart-warming to those that gave her a short lived home, and that they decided to adopt her permanently and make their house her ultimate home.

Tiffany has been updated on the adoption and points out that Electra may be a very sociable dog which she gets along wonderfully with dogs, children, and every one family members; and has left behind the emotions of depression and abandonment and since allowed himself to point out his loving personality.

“He became a totally different dog. He was happy, he was on the couch, he wanted to snuggle up.”

Electra has already overcome abandonment and is extremely sociable with humans and other dogs. Image credit: Zoorprendente

Electra’s photos in her new home show that she is actually happy which she is getting all the love she needs because of the assistance she received from JL Rescue. the inspiration takes in many dogs that still look for a replacement home. Visit its website, and perhaps you or one among your friends might want to adopt one among these furry cuties and provides them a replacement loving home.

Share Electra’s moving story to assist raise awareness of Depression animals suffer once they are abandoned.