Lost Dog Was 2 Days From Being Put Down, But He Still Hoped Dad Would Save Him

 The senior dog had sensed that his end was near, so he hung his head and gave up. But then he heard a familiar voice and lifted his head.

When animal control officers picked up a sad-looking “abandoned” Pit Bull, they knew there wasn’t much hope for this senior baby. The Pit Bull was named Hank and put up for adoption. But even after behavior and socialization training, Hank didn’t “act” the way the adopters wanted. The poor dog was deemed a “failure” and placed on the kill list.

However, a miracle happened when one among the shelter workers found a “missing dog” photo that looked quite almost like Hank. The missing dog, Titan, was stolen a few year ago and his heartbroken owner, Barry Gearhart, had been hunting through various avenues trying to find his beloved dog ever since.

Just 2 days before Hank’s scheduled euthanization, the workers informed Barry about Hank. The desperate man came running to the shelter and anxiously raced to the kennel. It barely took a second for Barry to acknowledge his dog, and then the man broke down in tears as he reached bent his forlorn dog. Seeing Hell Bull’s emotional reaction for the prime time, the workers had little question that he was indeed Titan!

Thanks to this lucky turn of events, Titan is back a range in the safe arms of his dad. Titan has been with Barry ever since he was a puppy, which explains why he was reluctant to warm up to the other person. What a rare and delightful happy ending! Click the video below to see Titan and Barry’s tearful reunion at the shelter after one year of separation!

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