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Man Drives Thousands Of Miles To Adopt Disabled Puppy Mill Survivor

Nubz survived a nightmare, so it's only right he found himself a dad who only wants to give him a good life!

 By all accounts, Nubz may be a special dog. He lost his two rear paws during a puppy mill when he was just a baby, but he's a real survivor. So it’s only fitting that he found the foremost loving, adoptive dad, who wants nothing quite to offer him an honest life.

Nubz was rescued from a Missouri puppy mill, where it’s believed his mother chewed off his feet. (This can happen if the mother is stressed, inexperienced or unstable – all likely conditions for dogs at a puppy mill!) He’s probably the sole one among his litter to survive the nightmare and when he got out he was taken into care with Carla.

Meanwhile, clear across the country, Jim Havlinek saw Nubz on Facebook, and fell crazy the pup’s tenacity and spirit that shone through as he worked with rescuers to steer together with his prosthetics.

“Why not provides a dog a chance to possess the simplest life possible once they really deserve it?” Jim asked himself. It prompted Jim to adopt Nubz, despite the vast distance between them. He applied and was approved (as it had been clear to rescuers Jim’s life revolves around his dogs).

Driving in his RV, Jim traveled 2,800 miles from Oregon to Pennsylvania to select Nubz up and take him home. From the instant Jim meets Nubz he’s smitten, saying “he’s quite he imagined.” Nubz also meets Bailey, Jim’s Chow Chow.

While journeying home, Jim says that getting Nubz, “This is one among the simplest things to happen to me in my entire life.”

A few weeks after arriving home, Nubz is settling in nicely. He gets a tour of his new home, which incorporates his own personalized bowls and a “toyland”. better of all he’s got doggie siblings and a family who loves him.

As Nubz grows, Jim will confirm he gets the custom prosthetics he must get around. He’s also promised Nub’s he’ll do everything to form sure he gives him an honest life!

Just watch the inspirational happy ending for Nubz within the video below and share it together with your friend.