Man Has A Tearful Reunion With His Stolen Dog Days Before Euthanized

He says the day. Titan-The Bulldog is missing was the worst day of his life, and he had cried many nights since then. Although Gearhart couldn’t find Titan, he never lost hope that he’d see his furry ally again at some point. AA year has passed, but Gearhart still never stops checking Titan.

He posted an image of him on his Facebook, hoping someone could help find him. That’s when a volunteer at a shelter saw the image and thought a pit bull at her shelter looked a bit like Titan. The dog at the shelter, who they named Hank, was elderly and attended socialization classes, but they couldn’t get him to behave the way they wanted. He was scheduled to be euthanized in two days.

Gearhart immediately visited the shelter and quickly acknowledged that “Hank” was actually Titan! Their heartwarming reunion was caught on camera, and Titan recognized his right away. Thankfully, Gearhart decided to post that picture of Titan as a final effort to seek out him, alternatively he wouldn’t be here today. Watch their heartfelt reunion,

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