Man Returns To Adopt The Dog He Rescued, And The Pup Couldn’t Be Happier

 I could simply watch this on repeat, forever!

The Pitbull puppies rescued from the brink of death reunited with his rescuer, and got the simplest surprise! (With Updates)

Joey Wagner, a marine from Nova Scotia, went above and beyond the decision of duty when he rescued a Pit Bull puppy that was at the brink of death. Wagner found this puppy with mange and acted quickly! He brought him to the vet for immediate care. Thankfully, his quick thinking saved the pup’s life. The medical team named the pup Mojo due to his luck in life.

The medical team didn’t want Mojo to be adopted out traditionally. Therefore, they naturally found a very special person to determine whether he would like to open his home to Mojo.Mojo. It had been obvious that he had already opened his heart… When Wagner came back to the clinic to find out his new puppy, he was greeted during a very especial way. Mojo was very excited to determine who would save him.

There is little question that he remembered Wagner and so the decision to reunite them was a genius one indeed! UPDATES! Now, Mojo is three years old and doing great! He lives happily with Wagner and his family and may be a very happy boy. Rumor has it that he’s quite spoiled (and we are totally on board with that!)


Full Grown then HANDSOME! See their amazing reunion right here!

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