Need Help : Dog In Cage Left On Side Of The Road

 This beautiful pit bull had been locked in a cage wearing a chain around her neck

Lately, we've heard and skim tons of stories of dogs being abandoned in terrific ways. TheyThey are usually left in the shelter without warning or worse, thrown on the street, making the dog so confused...

A pit bull was dumped on the side of a road inside a wire cage at the Franklin County Animal Control in Benton. Besides this terrible dump, the public’s help is needed to spot the dog’s owner. This beautiful bulldog was locked in a cage with a sequence hanging from his neck. She was found on the side of Walnut Road. She was struggling for food and water when she was found. Now, she is at the shelter and is safe. Her photo and details are shared quite 12,000 times and is hoped that the owner is going to be located.

The problem is probably that she fell from the back of the truck Her master is looking for her place? We don't want to think that she was dumped therein terrific as… Who ever get any information is asked to contact Franklin County Animal Control, so we will help the poor dog. Let’s hope her owners are going to be found soon, and therefore, the pit bull is going to be at home!

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  • Unknown
    Unknown January 29, 2021 at 3:26 PM

    I love to hear about dogs being rescued from terrible situations and feel sad that they have had such terrible experiences in their honourable lives (because dogs ARE honourable and loving towards people - we don't deserve their love!) But who writes the captions to these stories? It twists my brain into knots interpreting what they mean. Apologies, I'm sure my command of your language is worse than yours of mine!


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