Obese Beagle Is Brought To Shelter By Owner To Be Euthanized But Is Saved Instead

The no-kill shelter transformed her life with exercise.

Honey was a 68-pound beagle weighing almost twice her healthy weight. She was unable to maneuver due to her size and would urinate and defecate on herself, leaving burn marks on her belly. Her belly would drag on the bottom, making it almost impossible to maneuver except by dragging herself as well as her front legs.

Her owner was an elderly woman with dementia, consistent with WGRZ. She brought Honey to the SPCA of Niagara County to be euthanized. The shelter thought that, due to the owner’s dementia, she would forget that she fed Honey and feed her again.

Luckily, the SPCA of Niagara County may be a no-kill shelter. Rather than euthanasia, they focused on helping Honey reduce and reworking her into the healthy happy dog she was meant to be. A vet checked her over and realized she had a thyroid issue that was making her gain weight also. She was immediately started on medication, and an exercise program.

The practice started very slowly, only allowing her to maneuver.maneuver. CaringThe caring volunteers in the shelter put Hani on the safety belt and picked her up This way she can walk slowly without letting her belly rub against the bottom. Slowly, the therapy increased until Honey could walk .

Once she is in a family, she performs well. She went on walks, played in the backyard, and twice every week she would walk on a water treadmill for therapy. alongside the new body, her new personality was beginning to show. She may be a sweet girl, wanting to play again.

“I was amazed at how briskly it happened,” states Sue Cable, foster mom. Because of Cable’s dedication and energy, Honey is shedding weight fast. Fast forward 6 months, and honey has lost 38 pounds and is on the road to a healthy life. Her transformation of appearance, attitude, and energy state is amazing. Soon, she is going to be up for adoption and searching for her forever home.

Honey has inspired many people, and there are many follow-ups on the SPCA Niagara Facebook page. Video updates are posted for fans to follow, also as photos. Way to go, Honey!

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