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Owner Exchange His Senior Dog With Younger Puppy In Holiday Season

Owners who trade their old dogs for you puppies do not deserver their dog's love. This behavior need to be stopped.

The executive director of the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, Pam Peebles, recently spoke about a crucial subject which was senior dogs.

She explained that a lot of seniors don't get the life they deserve from many homeowners who often surrender them to shelters once they start acting lame or slow to urge a young new pup.

She also explained that a lot of senior dogs that are abandoned at the shelter, are left heartbroken while expecting their families to return to require them.

Sadly, these dogs never thought that they might be surrendered to the shelter at some point . He said that the bulk of the people, who surrender their dogs to shelters, surrendered them as they are doing not want to afford the medical cost, but the reality is that the medical cost of any senior dog is nearly an equivalent as that of a pup.

Finally, she hopes that folks considered gifting and adopting senior dogs over the vacations as they need to spend their golden year in forever homes.

Watch the video below.