Petrified Pooch Lives 3 Days In A Storm Drain As Firefighters Rush To Get Her Out

 A poor 2 year old pooch waited patiently for 3 long days in hope that someone would come and rescue her

The dog named Sophie disappeared for 30 days in Santa Barbara, California.

It’s unclear where the dog went during those weeks far away from home, except for 3 days she lived during a drain pipe. The pipe was 18-inches long, and there was no way that poor Sophie could leap out to safety.

Luckily, firefighters were summoned to the scene rescue the pint-sized dog. They used a hose to lure Sophie towards one end of the storm pipe where a firefighter was waiting to bring her up safely.

Thank god, the dog was ready to be coaxed out because the fireman grabbed her and lifted her up and out of the pipe.

Thanks to those kind crew members who saved the poor freedom from danger.

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