Police Officer Finds Starving And Terrified Puppy & Then He Fell In Love

You should see him now

When cops answer a call, they never know what they’re getting to find. So, the police in New Castle, Pennsylvania, were completely surprised once they skilled an apartment burglary as they found a touch puppy that was locked inside a bedroom. The puppy was close to die, but they came just in time.

You can see in the video below that she was very happy to find out the rescuers as she knew that she was getting to be saved. Actually, she heart-warmed all that was in the Humane Society. The most thought was that she wouldn't make it, but she was very brave and wanted to measure.

They gave her the medical aid she needed, many fluids and food. The sweet puppy, which was named Miranda, got well cards from toys, kids, and treats by the community that was so touch by her story.

They decided that Miranda would be taken by officer Mark Lewis to offer her love and care she needs.

Thankfully, she is going to occupy the officer’s home forever and can never know any pain. The investigation is continuing to learn about the cruel people who took such actions against Miranda. We hope that they're going to be caught soon.

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