Poor Dog Found With Huge Tumor, Vets Say He Needs To Cut A Leg In Treatment

Despite she has lost one of her legs, She can't stop wagging her tail.

Rescue workers found a homeless dog in a province called Phetchabun in Thailand. Sadly, the dog tried to drive because she had a huge tumor.

No one managed to assist her, so rescuers got to send her about 455 km, around six hours, to Pattaya for treatment. Other small tumors were found on the dog’s leg by some vets, and these tumors were getting to grow. It had been obvious that she was so sad and hurt at the vet, as she lived without foods in the street. So, they gave her tons of food She or he eats well.

Vets said they wanted to get rid of the tumors from the dog’s body, but unfortunately her leg was needed to be cut. She became far better after one month and then the wounds were dried out. She also started walking on 3 legs again.

Finally, she was adopted and went back to Phetchabun. Watch the video below.

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