Poor Dogs Never Freed From Cage, Until Woman Comes In Their Life And Everything Changes

 They were covered with fleas and ticks, But you should see them now

Mixed Poodle dogs Shih Tzu need acute aid, they're puppy and mother. The pup is one-year-old and therefore, the mother is 3 years old. They were being taken into custody during a same cage and haven't stayed outside it without water and food even their hair has never been cut either. In addition, their skin is sickened by tons of fleas and ticks, and there are tons of mosquitoes at night.

At night, without asking from the owner’s permission, Aunt Nong always brings water and food for them. Lastly, Aunt Nong decided to find out the owner and pleaded her to assist 5 dogs by taking from this owner because she couldn't bear anymore for this unfitness who finally allowed her as pleaded. This will make it more difficult for all dogs before the owner changes his mind. Therefore, adopting these 5 dogs is a very serious matter.

They got the shower, and a few medicine to assist them better, their hair has been cut, by Animal lovers and that they last out the fleas and ticks. All of them are feeling good and their physical situations are even stronger, after being gotten some basic treatment. We hope that their lives will never return to poverty and they will be nurtured soon.

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