Puppy spent 6 months abandoned in a park until a woman rescued him

 All the rejection and pain he experienced became love and happiness

Most of the dogs we see wandering the streets are abandoned by their owners. They that rather than taking them to a shelter, ended up leaving them alone in the street.

Brooky, a poodle with an excellent history, was a victim of this unfair treatment. This fluffy animal was left aside by his old family and thus the poor animal found no refuge aside from near a public park in Lima, Peru.

In that place, Brooklyn could win something to eat from some generous soul who was moved by his condition. The animal was dirty and ragged.

For a minimum of 6 months, Brooky had to adapt to street conditions. He went through cold, heat, thirst, and hunger, besides the mistreatment he received from one or the opposite indolent. Fortunately for him, at some point he met a lady who was quite sympathetic, who was extremely moved by his condition. Hayde Saldana couldn’t continue before the pain of others.

Hayde decided to need him home with him, gave him a shower and fed him, then put him under consultation with a vet. Fortunately, the dog didn't suffer from any quite illness, just needed care and a spotlight. FromSince the meeting between Hyde and Brook, the dog's life has changed. All the rejection and pain he experienced turned into countless feelings and happiness. That’s how the puppy looks now.

Recently, this lady posted the latest photos of her new partner on her social network, so Brooke’s changes are impressive. “On the road , you'll find many little dogs suffering, hungry, thirsty, and in bad shape, but with a touch love the change is incredible,” wrote Saldana. The puppy is extremely charming.

Now, Brooky visits the park where he lived, but he does it together with his savior, who has no intention of leaving him again. On the contrary, Hayde is trying to find a generous family that will give him all the love that this hairy rehabilitated one needs.

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