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Pup’s Family Treated Him Like Trash, Discarded Him At Dump ‘Where He Belongs’

Rescuers found him lying amongst piles of disgusting garbage with a look of sadness in his eyes.

 Trash as far because the eye can see covered the bottom at this dump. But garbage wasn’t the sole thing there. Among all of the dirty trash was a small puppy who was discarded by his owner.

The owner didn’t want the pup anymore, and deemed him useless a bit like the remainder of the trash, so that’s where he dumped him.

Luckily, rescuers began to seek out him. They scoured every inch of the rubbish dump until they finally spotted the puppy lying within the debris. He was very filthy but still had a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

The rescuer scooped him off, cleaned all of the dirt and garbage off of him, and gave him some water.

They brought him back to their clinic for a medical evaluation, where he was thankfully given a clean bill of health. He then received a much-needed bath and food.

If it weren’t for these rescuers, that pup would have eventually died within the middle of the rubbish dump, thanks to the owner’s malicious act. Luckily, the dog will get a second chance at life and can soon find a forever home.

Watch his rescue within the video below: