Rescue Dog Saves Hummingbird, Now They’re Best Friends

 'I rescue this dog. He rescues the bird. The bird rescues all of us in a weird sense and it's just a miracle.'

Rex wasn’t a simple dog to be around. The German shepherd mix had lived his life as a feral dog on the streets, fighting for survival. Due to his rough past, he attacked other dogs and cats. You wouldn’t expect him to be friends with any animal. But just a month after his owner, Ed Gernon, rescued him, Rex decided to save lots of a fellow creature that life had been unkind to. It had been a hummingbird on the verge of death.

Rex was on a walk with Gernon when he suddenly stopped and refused to maneuver. Gernon looked to find out what had caught the dog’s attention and located a hummingbird with no feathers, covered in ants. Initially he thought the bird was dead, but it had been barely clinging to life. Rex was adamant that they are doing something, so Gernon brought the bird home and began nursing it back to health.

He fed the birds every quarter of an hour, and slowly she became healthy. Gernon named her Hummer, and he helped her learn to fly again with a hand blower. NowHummer and Rex are now buzzing in the room together. The two became good friends. Gernon leaves the door and windows open, thinking that she’ll leave for mating season. except for now, she’s happy in her new home as well as her dog hero.

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