She Spent Her Life Locked In A Filthy Shack With Massive Tumors & No Vet Care

 As the years went on, Pepa remained in that dark shack, alone & in pain.

When Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers need to Pepa, she was in a terrible condition. She had spent her life during a filthy shack with no veterinary care. She had large mammary tumors, a nasty skin infection, and was extremely weak.

If she stayed longer in the hut, she would eventually die there. They immediately brought Pepa to an area animal hospital, where they examined her condition. She was very trusting of the staff there and knew they were there to assist .

They treated her skin problems and decided that it had been too risky to get rid of her mammary tumors, which had metastasized. They gave her a much-needed bath, washing away years of filth. She was already feeling such a lot better.

Pepa could also be an old dog, but she still has the guts and spirit of a puppy. She likes to frolic and play, and she or he is usually smiling! Pepa now lives with one among their rescuers and is loving her new second chance at life! Watch her rescue in the video below:

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