Shelter Dog Almost Put Down For Being Too Scared

Odyn was taken to a shelter in Kansas when he was just a puppy, and was put on the euthanasia list because he was so frightened and confused.

A tiny little puppy named Odyn ended up at a shelter in Kansas before he had an opportunity to learn anything about the planet. Taken from his mother timely, he wasn’t ready to adapt to the various sights and sounds bombarding him. He reacted with fear to the dog and other people on the opposite side.people. Such much so, that the shelter decided they might put him on the list to be euthanized. They thought he was just too skittish to be put up for adoption.

It would seem that the small pup had good luck on his side. TheThe parents of The Misfits Dog Rescue acknowledged the existence of Odyn, a Colorado foster care organization that crosses state boundaries. They focus on keeping the dog in their forever home, a bit like Odin. “Our Misfits are sweet innocent souls who somehow have found themselves alone and without a home. Scared, often abandoned on the streets, many of them are in shelters waiting on death house. We take these dogs into our homes, medically treat them, care for, and love them. Once they're well, we match them to their absolute best forever homes, in order that they're not Misfits in the least .”


Odin started in a dead house and was placed in a loving family ready to meet the challenge of a shy dog. Once he was given an opportunity, he adapted faster than expected, bonding with his family and overcoming his fears. He was soon able to find his forever home. When a family that had just moved to the world spotted him online, they knew it had been meant to be. From the dodo: “We were actually during a hotel expecting our apartment to become available once I found Odyn’s picture online,” Alyson Gasp, Odyn’s new mom, told The Dodo. “I showed my husband, and that we both fell crazy with him. It broke our hearts knowing that somebody was getting to euthanize him and that we wanted to bring him into our home in order that he would never feel scared and alone again.” The family brought Odin to meet the Gasp family and his new brother Luna. At first, a nervous Odyn was afraid to go away the side of his foster parents, but in time he was able to explore his new home.

“After they left, I literally cried because I used to be so happy about going to adopt him,” said Gasp. Odyn fell crazy along with his new family and Luna, transforming from a once shy and skittish dog to a bold, happy, and confident one. “Odyn quickly warmed up to Luna and he showed zero fear towards us,” Gasp said. “He was just a mean curious and playful puppy. I actually believe that the shelter that was getting to euthanize him never gave him an opportunity to point out his true colors.”

Safe and secure during a loving home, the small dog is now confident enough to approach strangers to invite belly rubs. He’s one among an entire family, and every one he needed was some extra love and a spotlight . “It is amazing how showing a touch love and compassion to an animal will change their persona,” said Gasp. It’s something to think about when trying to find your own furry friend to bring home. Sometimes, the behavior you see at a shelter might not indicate the truth personality of a cat or dog once they have had a while to bond and feel secure and loved.

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