Sickly Street Puppy Neared Woman, Pleaded To Be Rescued Then Was Gone

 The street pup craved love so much that she wagged her tail as she approached the stranger. But when the woman left to get supplies and came right back, the puppy was gone.

When a lady in Bali spotted a stray puppy later named Delilah, she was appalled by her condition. She was so sickly. Her fur had fallen out from severe mange and her skin was covered in wounds.

Surprisingly, the puppy still approached the lady happily.lady. HerHer tail was even faltering.hell. ThankfullyThankfully, this lady named Charlotte is an experienced rescuer. She was certain that this sickly street dog was once loved by humans. Either so, or she yearns for love so much.lot. Charlotte didn’t understand what had happened to Delilah but knew she needed a second chance at life. Charlotte didn’t have any supplies as well as her and needed to rush home to urge them. But when she returned, Delilah was gone.

Now that Charlotte was armed with all the rescue supplies she needed, the mission to trace down Delilah began. She searched for her for several days with no success. Then, she met an area man who worked at the local market. The person said that he knew where Delilah had been sleeping in the dark.

They came up with an idea. Since the dog was wont to the local man, Charlotte gave him a special cage to catch Delilah. By the next day, Delilah was safely inside! This happy, cheerful puppy looked sad in the cage. She didn’t know what was happening. ButFortunately, she was fine!

Delilah’s new human friends now had her safely in tow. ItIt is time to ask her to accept their care and medical evaluation. Delilah settled down once she was at the vet clinic. The local man was so happy that Delilah was safe and continued to send words of gratitude. Delilah also began to wag her tail again! Especially when she ate her first meal.

The vet put the happy pup on a course of treatment for her mange. Within a couple of weeks, her fur grew back in and she or he was not in pain. It was miraculous, to mention the least! Delilah was medically cleared to travel to her family . that's when she met foster mom Amelia.

Amelia was thrilled to possess Delilah in her home. She adjusted very quickly. Amelia explains in the video below that since she didn’t have time to be a puppy while on the road, her puppy personality began to shine. She loved to play and follow Amelia everywhere She went (including the bathroom!)

Delilah soon learned all about the beach and was totally hooked. She couldn’t get enough of it. Amelia started taking her there every day and she or he made tons of friends. Amelia says she’d make a horrible watchdog because she loves every single human (and dog) she meets.

The story just gets better. We won’t spoil the ending. We are so grateful that Delilah is now safe and loved. Thank you to The Dodo for sharing this special story with us all! To determine the complete rescue and happy ending, scroll down.

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