This 89-Year-Old Woman Has Knitted 450 Blankets For The Dogs At A Shelter, And It’s Adorable

There are thousands of dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted. And while they wait to urge the house they deserve, they depend on shelter employees and volunteers to worry about them and keep them company. It’s the foremost satisfying job a dog lover can do, and that they do their best to supply love and care.

However, there's one old woman especially who stands out among these volunteers. Her name is Maisie Green, she is 89 years old and lives in the UK. She has been knitting over 450 blankets to assist the dogs in the shelter stay warm during the cold nights in the kennels.

A couple of years ago, a dog shelter in England called The Dogs Trust has an initiative that invites people to knit dog coats.

“Are you good with needles or crocheting? We are trying to find skilled people to contribute dog coats to our Christmas project,” the shelter wrote on its Facebook page.

This initiative has helped homeless people with dogs keep their pets warm during the cold winter.

Green loved the thought of helping animals by knitting, as she likes to knit and is extremely good at it, so why not use it to assist those in need?

“I like to knit and that I love dogs, so this combines beautifully. It takes me 3 days to knit a blanket and at some point to form a dog coat. It keeps me busy, and that I often knit while watching TV. I really like having the ability to assist the furry ones within the shelter in how ,” said Mrs. Green.

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