This Super-Friendly Corgi Loves Giving Hugs To His Favorite Dogs on Walks

“He just stood there with his arms around him and kissed him…Then he did it again to his other doggie friend and his cousin, and we realized he was a hugger.”

Anyone who is lucky enough to possess a dog in their life knows that their love is unconditional. A cuddle from your pooch is scientifically proven to possess many psychological benefits, and even helps you live longer. One particular pup who’s on a mission to spread the love is Wallace, the 1-year-old Pembroke corgi. The affectionate ball of fur belongs to Dena, David, and their son Noah. He loves nothing quite stretching out his little arms to offer his family and friends a hug.

“He is suuuuuper cuddly and sweet,” Dena tells My Modern Met. “He hugs his doggie pals, and family, and loved ones. he's just a love muffin.” Wallace started hugging around six months ago when one among his canine companions named Charlie playfully jumped on him. “He was confused and thought it had been a hug,” recollects Dena. “He just stood there together with his arms around him and kissed him. It had been not a symbol of aggression but a hug. Then he did it again to his other doggie friend and his cousin, and that we realized he was a hugger.”

When Wallace was a puppy, he had an adorable heart-shaped nose, so his family gave him the center name, Casanova. So, it comes as no surprise that he grew up to become such a tough lover. Wallace doesn’t hug everyone though—simply his favorite dogs and relations . “He definitely doesn't roll in the hay to strangers,” says Noah. “His favorite person to hug is mom and pop .”

Scroll right down to inspect the images of Wallace giving hugs below and follow him on Instagram for more.

This is Wallace, the 1-year-old Corgi who likes to give hugs. Wallace the Corgi

He hugs his doggie friends when he meets them during walks. Wallace the Corgi, Hugging a Dog

My Modern Met is allowed to display Wallace's photos.

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