Ugly Puppy Abandoned By His Owner After Being Stung By 1000s Of Bees, Until One Woman Sees His Beauty!

 They planned to their dog euthanized, as they couldn't afford his the cost of his treatment. You should see him now

Stinger may be a good dog who is born deaf and mute. he's a pleasant pit bull mix, many bees stung him and put him right down to the bottom.

The poor pup had a nasty response to the stings, and he was immediately taken to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, it had been the last time that the poor Stinger saw his parents, as once they took him to the vet, they surrendered the pup…

At that time, the organizers of LuvnPupz protected a company, Carri Shipaila, and took a risk. She knew that Stinger’s skin was severely infected, some scabies and His weight is also very low, which is dangerous.

As the days passed, Stringer was still in real torment. And it had been also known that Stinger also has ‘Pemphigus’, an auto-invulnerable disease, and wishes a prescription for each day for the remainder of his life.

Even so, the poor pooch didn't hand over , he's a tremendous dog. He loves whomever he meets, he's the right example of how you'll defeat all troubles in your life, he's smart, sweet, nice and loaded with life.

Fortunately, the great dog found a stunning new home, and LuvnPupz still pays his bills to the hospital.

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