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West Chester dog with spina bifida looking for forever home after getting stood up by potential adopter


A 9-month-old puppy with rachischisis remains checking out his forever home after he got stood up by a possible adopter last week.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, nonprofit rescue organization Peaches Bully Rescue said their rescued American bulldog puppy named Jack traveled 40 minutes to satisfy a possible adopter but they never showed up or called.

"Jack was very sad when his meet and greet person was a no show, no call. He had a shower , got his fancy harness on, had a fresh diaper, and a fanatical foster team that drove 40 mins each way just to finish in huge disappointment," the nonprofit said.

The sad day was made better by an employee at Cabela's, who bought him a replacement toy to assist him forget the events of the day.

Jack came to the rescue organization in need of emergency vet look after his urethra. He recovered from his multiple surgeries but requires diapers full-time.

A vet assessment indicated his condition are going to be permanent.

His optimal home would be a single-dog home or one other since he gets overstimulated.

His favorite activity is wiggling on the couch together with his toys and humans, the nonprofit said.

The Facebook post has been shared nearly 20,000 times and garnered 5,000 comments.

The nonprofit said they need received over 600 inquires and 200 applications for adoption and are working to process all .



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