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With a broken heart, old dog waits in shelter to be adopted

 Although his family has failed him, he doesn't lose hope in people

It’s very sad that some puppies suffer due to beings who act unscrupulously against defenseless animals.

Like what happened with Kaos, an elderly puppy who was left to defend himself. The shelter team revealed that this rescue is that the saddest they need ever experienced.

This adorable dog is affectionate and calm, but features a very sad look thanks to the abandonment of the family. And now he’s trying to find a home to spend his last years out of a cage.

Although people that add animal shelters are wont to tragic stories, there are situations they can't forget, and within the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants of Malaga they know this alright .

“Rescue teams are witnesses to cases of daily abandonment, like dogs tied to the door, left within the surroundings of the shelter, thrown within the street”. They wrote during a publication that became viral.

The story of Kaos will always be recorded in his memories.

“There are cases that hurt quite others, and this is often one among them. It breaks the soul to understand that there are people that are ready to abandon animals in adulthood , like Kaos”.

Those who rescue these animals are angels on earth who are always able to help these defenseless and vulnerable beings.

“We don’t understand how someone are often so heartless, have so little humanity to make a decision at some point to abandon to his destiny who gave all his love and trust”.

Kaos may be a puppy and although he's old he features a lot of energy and yearns to receive love.

Although he seems happy and healthy, Kaos features a sad expression for the frustration he felt after being betrayed by those he loved most.

“It breaks our hearts to ascertain how Kaos sleeps on the cold floor when he should sleep during a house to spend his last years happy.

People who abandon their animals don't believe how difficult life is within the shelter, especially for an elderly dog. Kaos doesn't deserve that”.

The staff at the shelter cannot understand how his family managed to dump Kaos on the bottom under the inclement sun, without food and water.

“Let’s fight in order that Kaos features a happy ending, which its last memories aren't of a chilly and lonely cage. Let’s fight to create new memories and to possess a home”.

The staff encourages people to adopt KAOS leaving aside age prejudices and be willing to offer our canine grandfather what he wants and therefore the love he deserves.

“Let’s not let Kaos spend his last years within the protector.”

Tell the story of Kaos, a gentle, friendly, very docile, and affectionate dog. Although his family has failed him, he doesn’t lose hope in people and is prepared to seek out a replacement home!