17-Year-Old Dog Was Abandoned Because She Was “Too Old”, Now She’s A TV Show Star

Human beings can often be cruel. We hurt one another for insignificant reasons. With animals, we will be even more evil. it's a terrible thing, but sadly real. We come to the purpose of not loving them simply because their age doesn’t appeal to us.

This little 17-year-old dog was abandoned because she was “too old.” They didn’t want her and now they’re regretting it. She was adopted and can be one among the celebs participating in the Animal Planet Dog Bowl, a senior dog event, which will be broadcast on television. She is going to become a star among dogs. Her name is Karlie and she’s close to turn 18. She looks happy and pretty, she’s a true beauty, but her past is marked by neglect.

She was 15 years old when her previous family left her during a shelter in Florida, because they considered her too old. There, she hung out with some caretakers, until the director of an animal organization took her in. “We didn’t skills long she had left to measure, but we promised to form sure she had an excellent remainder of her life, regardless of how long it had been .” Laurie Johnson said to today.

Unfortunately, Laurie couldn't be look out of her forever, so that they found her a permanent home and after 16 months Karlie met her beautiful family. Those months where they lived together, little old Karlie got her life back. She played sort of a puppy, she had tons of spirit and she or he was happy. She was alive again.

After a short time,Karlie had the chance to participate in the first edition of the Animal Planet Dog Bowl. TonsTons of elderly dogs waiting to be adopted participated in the event. After Karlie’s participation, just 20 minutes passed and tons of people called Laurie to adopt her. Everyone saw what a beautiful little dog she was. Everyone loved Karlie, but the Florida couple, Rhonda and Steve Hoeckley were the lucky ones who did qualify to stay here.

After the second edition of the Dog Bowl, the 61-year-old couple, and their daughters began to need the television star home. The Hockley family held a grand welcome party for her, and now Little Cali is very happy.happy. She is going to soon be competing in her third Dog Bowl and her spirit has been rejuvenated.

She jumps, runs and dances on two legs. It’s a lesson learned for her former owners.

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