A Once Skeletal Dog Is Giving Back In A New Life As A Happy & Healthy Aladdin

 Aladdin the Pit Bull was found with broken back legs, a fractured tail, 12 missing teeth, and he weighed in at only 18 pounds. But now he's paying it forward after never losing that unbreakable spirit!

A Pit Bull named Aladdin was found in about the worst shape possible. The poor dog had broken back legs, a fractured tail, was missing 12 teeth, and weighed in at only 18 pounds.

But he never gave up Which tail never stopped wagging. His unbreakable spirit combined with the love and care of the many great people and organizations helped propel him to where he's today — an area where he thrives and is happy to offer back to the unfortunate! 🙂

“Every single Monday, he trots Into the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) on Chestnut Street In Philadelphia. Every single Monday, he brings smiles to children battling Illnesses, grappling with disorders that would slay giants, but they persevere with hearts a touch lighter due to him,” Lucy Noland of FOX 29 said during a statement.

It’s haRd to believe how good Aladdin looks now considering where he started. He’s using his time to pay It forward during this second chance at life, and It’s amazing! See his full storyinn the video below.

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