A Retired Police Dog Cries Upon Seeing His Former Handler; A Story That Touched Netizens’ Hearts

Prepare some tissues for those that have a soft heart, for this touching story will surely melt your hearts. This is often a heart-warming moment a retired working dog literally cried when he reunited with his former handler. WangWang, an eight-year-old German shepherd, worked as a sniffer dog at a security checkpoint in the Xichuan area of central China’s Henan Province. He retired in June 2019, and he has found a forever home to some certain the remainder of his life, which suggests that we is going to be parting ways as well as his handler.

Wang Wang reunited with his agent. Last month, a policeman, Matan Wangwang’s former handler, decided to surprise him by visiting the furry friend while on patrol in the neighborhood near Wangwang’s house. A video shared recently on the Xichuan Police TikTok account (Chinese version TikTok) showed that the police were calling outside Wang Wang's home. WangWang, who has known his former handler’s call, eagerly sped through the front entrance and saw the arms of his former handler.

Wang Wang cried when his former agent came to visit him. WangWang licked his legs and cried tears of joy as he stayed by his former handler’s side. When it had been finally time to travel, and then the patrol unit went back to their vehicle, WangWang refused to allow them to go and stayed next to his handler. The post read: “Wangwang’s hair is whitened, but he’s well-fed, he’s getting fat. It’s always hard to mention goodbye to your friends.” The netizens’, hearts melted during the loyal dog’s emotional reunion with his handler.

“You can tell what proportion Wangwang misses his handler,” a second commented. WangWang refuses to go away his former handler’s side. Some people that have seen the emotional reunion were wondering why WangWang wasn't allowed to remain as well as his handler. Xichuan Police responded in comments: “Police dogs are generally well-fed at training centers but our officers cannot dedicate their time to playing or exercising with retired dogs.”

“They are going to be better cared for during a suitable family than staying during a training center.” It is undeniable that dogs are loyal companions, and that they love us unconditionally.

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