Blind Husky Excited To Get Out Into Snow Storm

 Mackenzie doesn't let not being able to see get in the way of having fun!

A blind husky named Mackenzie loves snow days and can’t wait to travel outside and play! When it snowed recently at her range in Ontario, Canada, the dog steps outside and therefore, the second she senses it’s snowing She jumped to the game position and bounced around in the backyard. Her mom caught the happy moment on camera and shared the video of her excitedly circling and sniffing in the snow.

Mackenzie’s mom shared on Instagram that she is that the family’s very first dog. “Mackenzie is our very first dog so browsing the method of her blindness seemed very normal to us,” she wrote. “Even more so because she is so confident, she gets around new places just fine and may play fetch sort of a normal dog! I even forget she’s blind sometimes because she stares right into my eyes when she looks at me. (She knows where your face is since she wont to be ready to see!)”

But Mackenzie’s mom does need to signal to Mackenzie if there are stairs approaching or they're getting to an unfamiliar place, otherwise she gets a reproachful look. The park isn't an unfamiliar territory. While visiting it recently, Mackenzie discovered a ball and couldn’t resist playing a game of “keep away.”

Mackenzie has also learned to sense when her mom drops the leash then, she stops what she’s doing and never leaves her mom’s side. What a sensible pup! She just loves snow days, like all husky!

For those wondering, Mackenzie wasn’t born blind, but she developed glaucoma as a puppy thanks to bad genetics. Mackenzie’s Mom said that they found Mackenzie through someone on the online market Kijiji. She realizes now that bad breeding was an enormous factor and writes, “We don’t want to think ill of the person we got them from because we are blessed to possess Mackenzie and Zorro [Mackenzie’s half-blind brother] in our lives but we do think they ought to get their dogs tested.” [Ed note: sadly, online classifieds have puppies purchasable that sometimes are from a puppy mill or backyard breeder, so please, beware!] But Mackenzie may be a very lucky dog to possess found such a loving family. AndShe or his character is very happy. Simply put, she’s a traditional dog!

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