Cops Rescue 500 Puppies From A Puppy Mill, One Year Later, They Reunite

 When this big cop holds the tiny puppy in his hands? He just melts like butter!

Puppy mills are one among the worst things humans have ever come up with. They keep dogs in inhumane conditions, often forcing them to possess liters 2 to three times a year. They devastate a dog’s mental and physical health. In July 2014, dog trainer Victoria Stilwell took part in an operation to bust one such puppy mill that had been operating in Georgia since the 1980s. The Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal’s Office raided the puppy mill that kept over 500 dogs in terrible conditions.


It’s heartbreaking to see the animals living in unclean cages, some in their own filth. Watching the happiness on these dogs’ faces once they finally have some human contact brought tears to our eyes. During the operation, the team ended up rescuing 526 dogs in total. Despite this, many female dogs are pregnant. So, once they gave birth later, that number went up even higher. Then, something amazing happened! When the word about this operation spread, many people lined abreast of adoption days to offer the pups a forever home. Some people had even camped from the night before! Seeing the community close like this restores our faith in humanity. At the top of the event, all the dogs got adopted and can never need to suffer again! As for the people that were running the puppy mill – they pleaded guilty to 25 charges of animal cruelty and were sentenced to 25 consecutive years of probation.

A year after the adoption event, the pups, and their parents met for a 1-year reunion. Seeing these cute dogs out of their horrible cages and in the hands of their caring parents puts an enormous smile on our faces! Remember to try to do your homework before changing the dog. Say no to puppy mills. Check out the video below to see this amazing story!

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