Deaf and blind – dog waits to be saved from Texas animal shelter

A deaf and blind dog finds himself in need of help at a Texas animal shelter. MASA Rescue, an animal welfare agency that networks and pulls dogs from animal control agencies, posted a photograph of the dog, writing:

3 year old male Shepherd Mix Deaf and blind, possibly an Odessa dog (This guy is asleep.asleep. Am hoping for a far better picture. I didn’t have the guts to wake him.) Available Friday, Lincoln's Birthday

Providing information about the dog’s current location: Midland Animal Shelter (432) 685-7420 1200 N Fairgrounds Road Midland, Texas Located in Kennel 6


Adopt fee $62 ($20 must be in cash) Including microchips, rabies vaccines, licenses, labels, changes 501c3 Rescue Fee $32 ($20 must be in cash) includes rabies vac, microchip, tag, license Shelter hours – MONDAY-THURSDAY 9:30-5:30, FRIDAY 9:30-4:30

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