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Devastated Puppy Put His Paw On His Lifeless Sister’s Body, Trying To Wake Her Up

She was all what he has got in life, but she passed away after being hit by car

 2 small pups waited for help after being abandoned as they weren't ready to defend themselves. Unfortunately, one among them got accidentally hit by a vehicle and gave up the ghost , but her brother didn’t understand that and cried over her lifeless body hoping she would awaken .

Thankfully, the grieving dog was spotted by a lady , who was ready to bring the dog to the vet to be examined. The vet gave him a permission to travel to be in his sister’s funeral because the woman asked her friend to bury her properly.

The dog finally understood that that his sister died after seeing the human putting flowers petals on her body.

The woman, who rescued the dog, directly fell crazy with him and she or he decided to adopt him. He will eventually have an excellent time as he will accept another doggy mate and during a nice home. What a cheerful ending!

Watch the video below.