Dog Accused Of Being “Ugly And Unadoptable” Started To Believe It Too

 After being treated so poorly and hearing their cruel words over and over, she started to believe them.

Every creature deserves to be treated kindly.kindness. AndEvery single dog deserves an honest, loving home. Sadly, however, homeless dogs waiting on the streets and in shelters haven't any idea how worthy they're. For one dog, named Nelly, she was told she deserved nothing and was dumped on the road by a callous owner for being ‘too ugly.’

Thankfully, the sweet girl was taken in by Sidewalk Specials. They knew that Nelly deserved all the love imaginable. Despite this, she still received a zero adoption application. This was devastating to the volunteers who knew that so as for Nelly to be okay, she’d need a stable environment.

The volunteers came up with a plan! They filmed her story and posted it on their YouTube channel. Viewers, a bit like you, shared Nelly’s story and thankfully it reached the right people. They were eager to adopt her, guess what happened... they did it!

Nelly, who is now named Lilly, lives her best life as well as her new family. Her family owns a free-range farm. Lilly interacts daily with all kinds of adorable creatures. Lilly, who spent her entire life fighting to survive on the streets, is now spending her days running around together with her new animal friends.

Lily is also deeply loved by her new human family. Her story is proof that anything we can achieve if we work together. No dog is unadoptable! No dog is ‘too ugly’ for happiness. Lilly is proof. See her amazing story in the video below. Thank you, Sidewalk Specials!

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