Dog Neglected In Cage For Weeks Now Fights For His Life

 “Ethan is the thinnest dog I have ever seen that is still alive...To get in this shape, he had to have been starved for weeks.”

Someone donates supplies to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) spotted something unusual on their way into the building. A malnourished dog was resting in the parking zone on their lonesome. The person immediately notified the shelter, and staff rushed the dog to emergency care. He quickly earned the name Ethan, and while his odds of survival were small, shelter staff and vets fought for him.

Ethan still features a long road to recovery, but he’s going strong, despite it all.

The Worst Case of Neglect This is one among the worst situations the shelter has ever witnessed. It’s suspected that Ethan was left alone during a crate for weeks without food or water. Yet, it’s unclear if he was purposely neglected or if someone hadn’t meant to go away him alone for that long. “Ethan is that the thinnest dog I even have ever seen that's still alive. He weighs 38 pounds, when he should be around 80 pounds,” KHS shelter veterinarian Dr. Emily Bewley said. “To get during this shape, he had to possess been starved for weeks.” Malnourished Rescue Dog

Ethan is so thin you'll see the outline of each bone in his body. He can’t support his own weight because he has an extreme muscle loss. The shelter staff suspect he's young, around 3 or 4 years old. Not long after Ethan’s arrival, his condition declined. He showed rapid breathing and neurological symptoms as if twitching. An emergency veterinarian came to help save his life. After proper care, his twitching decreased, and he wagged his tail for the prime time. Dying Shelter, Dog

Ethan Fights for His Life Ethan isn’t out of the woods yet, but he’s showing promising signs of recovery. Vets say they’re “cautiously optimistic” that he will survive this. He has already defied all odds, and it’s clear that he features a strong will to a certain . “Ethan remains alive and is in critical but stable condition at the animal hospital. He has began eating and drinking again but he has got to be delayed to bite and swallow because he's too weak to carry up his own head. We are taking it very slow and steady and hope that he's strong enough to fight,” KHS wrote on Facebook. Ethan eating

This brave pup has already gained many love and support through social media posts. Most are rooting for him as he continues to form small improvements. KHS remains hoping to seekout what happened to Ethan, So if you've got any information on the incident, please contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at 502-473-7387.

Staff also are encouraging people to donate to assist support Ethan and then the other animals in their care. Updates on Ethan’s health will still be posted on the KHS Facebook page. It’s a miracle Ethan remains alive, and he seems as if he will keep fighting for as long as he can.

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