Dog Risks Her Life Running Through Traffic Begging For Help For Her Injured Owner

 Her only concern was to find some help for her owner, nothing else matters, not even her life

Milagro Muñoz, Araya and her husband saw a little dog wandering the streets near a veterinary hospital in Guapiles, Costa Rica, after pulling their car where they work.

They decided to assist the dog, but he ran away, so, they followed him to seek out an injured man lying on the bottom .

So, they called the ambulance to return for help, while the dog never left his owner’s side. The paramedics arrived and took the person to the vehicle, the dog jumped in also, but that they had to get rid of him as dogs aren't allowed to be in the vehicle.

Milagro visited the hospital to see on the person,and even helped the dog, that was named Chiquita by taking him to the vet clinic, where she works, to medicate him as he lives in the streets.

They will do the simplest to let the dog and his man sleep in good circumstances.

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