Dog Suffers From Stomach Tumor and Her Womb Was Protruding

 Thanks to the vet for this amazing treatment

This story tells a few poor dogs named Shui; his owner felt very distressed due to the huge tumor, so he asked for help.

After being examined, the vet knew that the dog’s tumor was cancerous. He also had an enormous womb protruding, which meant that he had to be treated immediately.

The dog had been treated with chemo 3 times, and had a surgery to get rid of the tumor and womb. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Water was placed on a long-treatment program.

Day by day, the dog started recuperating with the help of the clinic staff. After 2 months, the dog made a full recovery, and was also adopted by a sort woman. Becauseout of the clinic staff, who spent dozens of days to assist the dog be back healthy again.

Watch the video below.

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