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Dog Thinks Her Family Come Back For Her, Watches Them Adopting Another Pet

 This heartbreaking story of a poor dog went viral in last November. Zuzu, a 2-year-old dog was left at a shelter after becoming frustrated thanks to the death of her owner, and her family couldn't handle her crying and moping. So, the family left the German shepherd mix at the l. a. Department of Animal Care and Control Downey.

You can imagine her surprise when her former owners came to the shelter?! She directly thought that they came to urge her back again, so she started showing some excited movements, and therefore the staff of the shelter also thought that it had been a really happy reunion, but it had been not! The family was there to possess a special pup to adopt.

The sorrowful video went for many people by Facebook, with many critiquing for the careless decision of the old owners of Zuzu! and since of his tale, Judith Gallo and Russ, who had newly lost one among their nice 2 dogs, saw the great Zuzu and fell with her!

The adorable couple also had another nice dog, Dodger, was lonely after the death of his housemate, and Zuzu became at the proper moment to substitute it. Fortunately, Zuzu now lives during a loving home with nice, adorable new owners, actually she deserves that.

And Dodger and she or he also become nice best friends. Finally, she got what she really deserves, which may be a nice resolution for this sorrowful tale.

Make sure to observe the video till the top .



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  1. looks exactly like our kiowa that has been missing for almost two years and we are heart broken about her she holds her self up on the arms like that , thats what we taught her we just want to know she is safe and taken care of and loved i wished we could meet her just know my wife searches 8 to twelve hours a day fo r her for two years


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