Dog Tries To Chase His Owner Who Abandoned Him At Shelter, Then Gets New Home

 The dog desperately ran after his dad. But few weeks later he hit the jackpot!

A video of a person dumping Blue Heeler in the parking zone of Hawkins County Humane Society was shared online, which helped the dog to seek out a forever home.

The video went viral for a heartbreaking reason as Toby, the dog, tried to chase his owner when attempted to go away, he even jumped on him to urge his attention.

But the person didn't care and just drove off after pushing his dog away! The dog even tried to follow the man’s truck onto the freeway! However, the dog was spotted by HCHS staff, who were ready to bring him back to the shelter.

The man, who said that he was remorse, was found by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, but no charges were filed! the person said that the dog was a stray and wasn’t his!

Thankfully, a lady called Taylor Helton, who lives on a farm near the shelter, decided to adopt Toby after spending time in 2 weeks with him in the shelter by daily visits. Surely, Toby will continue his life during a great home with 50 cows, 9 horses, and a couple of other Blue Heelers! Watch the video below.

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