Dumped at Animal Control, mother dog with painful cherry eyes still cares for her puppies

In Alpharetta, Georgia, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteers teared up as they described the heartbreaking situation of a young mother dog surrendered to Animal Control on Thursday afternoon.

Cicely Tyson is merely one-year-old and had just delivered a litter of puppies. Although she is caring for her puppies at the shelter, one check out Cicely shows her swollen eyes – the pinkish-red membranes in the corner of her eyes are painful. The condition is named “cherry eye,” and if the dog scratches or paws at her eyes, it can cause corneal abrasions and infections. “Have you ever cried so hard you think that you can’t cry anymore?,” the organization posted on their Facebook page raising funds to worry about the mother and her litter. “Let’s take a glance at Cicely here. She just had her puppies. She may be a year old.

And the cherry eyes?! I can’t with this one. How on earth do I for suffer such a lot in one year of life? But lean in, won’t you? CheckLook at her cleaning her baby. Caring for them through her pain…” And at Animal Control, Cicely’s former owner didn’t care enough to assist, however Angels Among Us Pet Rescue has reached bent save the family. Updates soon. Donate here:

To Donate www.angelsrescue.org/donatenow Choose CICELY TYSON from the menu 

•PayPal: https://goo.gl/VXw3G4

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Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

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