Elderly Dog Suffers From Severe Neglect After Owner’s Death, Found With 9lb Of Fur

 Her matted fur prevented her from moving for years. It was a miracle that she could survive in that house alone after her owner's death.

This story speaks about Ellie Mae, a Shih Tzu, who was found imprisoned and immobile in her fur after her human mama died years ago. When the dog arrived to Nebraska Humane Society, the vets were shocked as they need never seen a case like this.

What made things weirder was that the woman’s relative said that they didn't know she had a dog! The veterinarians were surprised how the dog survived in the house over the years! So, they sedated the 11-year-old dog to chop her 7-inch claws, and to shave 9-pound fur! After removing the gravel, feces and hair, Allie showed that she was a cute 11-pound dog. They then took her for surgery to repair a hernia and a few dental work.

The dog, who suffers from arthritis, is now receiving treatment for her muscle loss and infected foot. She is going to then be available for adoption. Watch the video below.

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