Family Camps Out at Animal Shelter for 27 Hours to Adopt Dog with Heart-Shaped Patch of Fur

‘I wish we could see more happy endings like this.’

One family went the additional mile to form sure they might give this adorable dog her "furever home" This dog wears her heart on her chest!

An adorable dog with a singular heart-shaped patch of fur, found her "furever home" in a social media post! Last week, Oklahoma’s Broken Arrow Animal Shelter shared a picture of the distinctive-looking Border collie on Facebook, which was shared over 27,000 times, consistent with Fox23 News.

After getting many responses about the dog, one family went the additional mile to form the lovable canine, a neighborhood of their family.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 27 hours before the pooch was eligible for adoption, a family from Tulsa began waiting outside the shelter, Fox23 News reported. According to the shelter’s website, after arriving, all stray animals need to be kept there for a minimum of five days before they will be adopted. What's more, adoptions are made on a first-come, first-served basis, which explains the family's eagerness to urge to the shelter's parking zone as soon as possible.

The next day, the Oklahoma shelter shared the good news on Facebook. "This precious daughter has touched the hearts of individuals round the U.S. and that we are happy to announce that she has found her new furever home!!!" they wrote. "Thank you to everyone that has shared our post." "So glad she features a new happy home," wrote one Facebook user, as another added, "I wish we could see better off endings like this." As for the dog’s new home, Kyle Johnson told Fox23 News that the dog, whom he and his family decide to name Luna, is being given to his sister-in-law as a marriage present. The Broken Arrow Animal Shelter went on to tell the news outlet that they are still caring for around 50 dogs and cats, beat the need of an honest home.

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