Golden Devastated After Doggy Sister Died And Family Gifts Him A New Puppy Brother

 After Rosie died, Cash slept 23 hours a day and was very depressed. His owners knew he needed more excitement in his life. Spread this happy ending story to a friend.

Cash, a 12-year-old retriever, has always been a cheerful pup, but things changed once his doggy sister and ally, Rosie gave up the ghost.

The two of them were inseparable, so when Rosie was gone, she took a bit of Cash’s heart as well as her. The house was lonely, and Cash seemed lost.

His owner, Marie Ahonen, told KTVU that Cash slept 23 and a half hours each day with Rosie gone. She knew he needed more excitement in his life. That’s once they came up with an idea to assist put a smile back onto Cash’s face and obtain his tail wagging again. They surprised Cash and adopted a replacement puppy brother for him.

They gave this puppy at Christmas, just like they gave it to a toddler.toddler. The puppy, named Jennings, was sitting inside a box, expecting Cash to open it. As soon as Cash saw the box, he was interested by what was inside. Jennings opened the lid, and Cash sniffed the box immediately. When he realized what his present was, he couldn’t control his excitement. He wagged his tail non-stop and searched at the camera as if he was saying “thank you.”

Ever since Jennings has joined their family, Cash has been much happier. the 2 of them are already the simplest of friends, and it’s obvious that Cash goes to be the simplest big brother. Watch the heartwarming surprise in the video below:

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