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Heartbroken Dog Goes To The Shelter And Instantly Knows He’s Being Surrendered

Dogs always know when things are not okay

 Animals have a special sense. They know when things aren't okay. A dog named “Toto” appeared to realize that he was being surrendered when he walked into the busy Carson Animal Control office, in California last Friday.

In the video, you see the instant when Toto, a three-year-old Chihuahua was surrendered along side a number of his food.

Toto are often seen jumping abreast of his owner’s leg and trying to tug to urge away. the design on Toto’s face says it all. the rationale Toto was given up was that he's too vocal. Well, that's a flimsy excuse, training is beneficial for that behavior.

The Carson Animal Control office was desperate, they were full, and Toto needed to seek out a family because a dog that's surrendered by their owner are often put down for any reason.

The good news is a smaller amount than 24 hours ago, Toto didn’t find a family , but got adopted instead! The darling won’t need to worry about being surrendered again.