Homeless woman refuses to live in a shelter and be separated from her dogs

With sadness and pain, we see how on a day to day, not only animals but also humans find yourself being victims of abandonment and indolence.

But even though life is often ungrateful therefore,So the difficulties that some people have to face, sometimes, it’s those people, who have the smallest amount, who set the best example of compassion and unconditional love.

A week ago, the town of Tijuana, Mexico shocked with the case of a 65-year-old woman found by police during a heartbreaking scene in the rain in the middle of the road .

“Grandma Chloe homeless to shelter taking care of her 6 dogs, protecting them from the rain during a plastic bag.” It reads alongside the video that depicts the drama she was experiencing.

It was Tik Tok user @OmarMartinezTj, who witnessed her terrible condition and decided to record it with the goal of spreading it on the networks to the touch hearts that would help her. What he saw left him heartbroken and filled with helplessness. In the suitcase, she temporarily acts as a shelter and cuddles with his 6 dogs to keep them warm.

Then, the police arrived, who for a half-hour tried to convince her to require her to a shelter.

They never imagined that she would react like this: Amor incondicional: Chole prefiere dormir en la calle a separarse de sus perros en Tijuana “I don’t want to travel, I don’t need help, I’m fine here,” said Mrs. Chole in tears. “I don’t want them to require away my dog who is close to give birth … Not the Shark, not the opposite one.”

Chloe was scared of being arrested by the police and was reluctant to go away that inhospitable corner. In another video released by tiktoker later, she frankly stated: “If they take me to the opening (the shelter), my dogs are going to be helpless. That’s why I cried”. It’s really painful that Chloe has got to hand over a roof and decent conditions because animals aren't allowed. On the opposite hand, their love is so great that it's easy to imagine the loving relationship that exists between their 6 furry children and this admirable woman.

The policeman said they couldn’t leave her call at the open. The heavy rains of these days and then the intense cold could cause hypothermia and an uncertain fate not only for her, but also for her 6 puppies. They finally managed to convince her and escort her to a secure harbor, but what happened next generated a wave of anger and indignation. It was discovered that the lady spent the night at a son’s house, but subsequent morning she returned to the road. In the second video posted by Omar Martinez, she reveals why she couldn't stay there in place for more hours:


We cannot imagine how a son can sleep peacefully knowing that his mother is fighting for her life. However, the woman, who survives by selling plastics and wastage she finds in the garbage, insures that the foremost important thing for her is that the safety of her puppies. What I might like most may be a little room to measure with them.

“They follow me everywhere, protect me from strangers, keep me warm in the dark, and, most of all, is my love and companionship.” In fact, subsequent morning she had already given “croquettes and tantrums,” and doubtless hadn’t even had breakfast. Since this case was publicized on the networks, the comments haven't stopped: “Animals are the sole ones that never get away. And your family? I always said an equivalent, nothing more faithful and grateful than them,” said one person. “When I saw that picture of him sleeping together with his 6 dogs during a garbage bag, I couldn’t sleep,” said another.

People were moved by the videos and photos, and even cried, but in fact, few people are willing to do anything for Chole. Until one Tijuana resident, named Alejandra Cordova Castro, decided to travel the additional mile and visit her. She was shocked to find out that nobody really helped her. So, he brought some blankets and food. “She said many thanks numerous times it made me cry.”

Then, he asked whoever passes by to shop for him a bat, or give him some money. and she or he also offered her car so that whoever wanted to select something up for her, could drive it herself. You'll contact Alejandra on her Facebook. We hope that this touching story continues to succeed in every corner so that this woman receives the happy ending she so richly deserves. you're one click faraway from sharing it with all of your friends.

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