Kitten Missing Eyelids is Watched Over by Big Rescued Dog

A kind veterinarian named Avery Welch in Connecticut adopted a very special kitten.

The kitty’s unique condition, eyelid agenesis, has left him with no eyelids at all.

Mr. Magoo, the kitten, was found in NY City, on the sidewalk.

He wasn't much older than a couple of weeks at the time, but he was luckily delivered to Welch for safeguarding.

Once in her care, he was introduced to his new ally, an enormous pit bull with hip dysplasia named Ajax.

Ajax and Magoo were fast friends, united by their differences. Welch had the subsequent to mention about their friendship:

“Ajax is super gentle with him once they play, letting Magoo chew on his face and nose and bat at him while he pianissimo chews at Magoo.”

These two friends are a perfect match!

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