Lost Dog Found Shivering At Bus Shelter In Record Cold Weather Temperature

The shivering dog was spotted by a bus passenger...

The shivering dog was spotted by a bus passenger... This story speaks a few lost dog, who was shivering in cold at a bus shelter in Regina, Saskatchewan. A transportation service worker named Darren Szabo spotted the dog and tried to keep him warm while waiting for the Regina Humane Society to arrive.

The dog was growled and frightened of Szabo firstinitially, but he was covered Szabo’s fleece jacket, he knew that Szabo wanted to assist him.

Thankfully, the Regina Humane Society rushed to the scene.scene. Once they checked if the dog had a microchip, they found that he got lost of his family, who already reported him lost.

So, he reunited as well as his family! because of Szabo, who was there in the right time to save lots of the dog. Share this with your family and friends,

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