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Loyal Dog Senses Something Wrong & Stays By Giraffe’s Side As He Passes Away

 Hunter refused to leave his best friend's side as Jazz took his final breath. After Jazz died, Hunter sat outside of Jazz's empty room for a while, depressed & confused.

Jazz the Giraffe gave up the ghost together with her ally by her side, a Belgian Malinois named Hunter.

Jazz was taken in by The Rhino Orphanage in South Africa , after a farmer found him abandoned within the wild, weak and dehydrated.

Hunter, a resident watchdog at the middle , bonded with Jazz immediately and therefore the two quickly became inseparable.

The rescue cared for Jazz ’round the clock, nursing him back to health, but his ailments proved to be an excessive amount of for him.

The last two days before Jazz died, he started looking unstable on his legs and really dull.

He suddenly collapsed after blood began to pool back to his eyes. His pulse dropped and he showed neurological symptoms.

Hunter knew something was wrong and stayed by Jazz’s side, along side rescuers, until Jazz took his last breath.

After being examined by vets, they concluded that Jazz had hyphema and brain hemorrhaging, which might be thanks to a genetic disease or under-developed valve system.

Jazz was unable to manage vital sign to his brain, therefore bleeding between the ventricles occurred.

Staff did everything they might to worry for Jazz and prolong his life, but his death was sadly inevitable.

What eases rescuers’ minds is that he knew love in his final days and he didn’t die alone within the wild.

Hunter sat ahead of Jazz’s empty room for a short time before getting to staff for comfort.

While he showed signs of sadness, he's eating well and twiddling with his brother again. He will now continue his training to be a tracking dog.