Mama Dog Desperately Tries To Save Her Weakest Puppy & The Runt Of Her Litter

Many runt puppies get abandoned by their mother because of their low chances of survival, but this mama dog left no stone unturned to keep her special baby alive! Hats off to her!

When a Labrador named Daisy Duke gave birth to eight puppies, she immediately noticed that one among her puppies was exceptionally small and almost too weak to survive. While many animals immediately abandon the runt of the litter, Daisy decided that she would go away, no stone unturned to stay her baby alive!

Soon, Daisy started showering the runt puppy, named Lucy, with extra love and care. She would never leave Lucy unattended even for a second. She would snuggle and feed her separately just to form sure that she isn't overpowered by her much stronger siblings. When the remainder of the puppies would fall asleep, Daisy would bring Lucy aside and keep kissing her and asking her to carry on. The anxious mama’s, tender heart would panic in fear whenever Lucy cried. Daisy would desperately pick the small girl as well as her mouth and keep licking and nursing her until she was okay!

Experts say that runt babies often get cornered in their litter, as mothers specialize in raising the healthier babies. But in Lucy’s case, she has been a lucky girl to receive all the especial love and pampering from her doting mother. We hope Lucy grows up to be a robust and spirited pooch, a bit like Daisy. Hats off to the spirit of this loving mama dog! Click the video below to see Daisy’s touching dedication to save lots of her weakest baby!

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