Neglected Dog Curls Up On Towel To Keep Warm After Owner Dumps Him And Drives Off

 The poor dog was in awful condition and in dire need of help.

A dog named Lincoln is now in good hands at Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in Branford, Connecticut, after he was neglected and abandoned. Lincoln was found sleeping on a towel during a parking zone on one among the coldest nights this winter season so far. He was in an awful condition and in dire need of help.

Thankfully, an individual who spotted Lincoln while jogging in the area contacted the shelter for help. When animal control officers arrived, Lincoln was very scared and confused, which is understandable considering he was just thrown out onto the streets. The poor pup was a minimum of 10 to twenty pounds underweight, had demoted mange, overgrown toenails, and had pressure sores from being previously created for long periods of you're time. His skin was extremely irritated, presumably from being forced to take a seat in the urine and feces in the crate.

The Branford Community House has cameras on the surface of their building, which captured someone dropping off the dog the night before the jogger found him. The shelter is now asking the public for his or her help find the cruel one that dumped Lincoln and can offer a gift for any information that results in their arrest.

In the mean time, Lincoln is getting continuous care and has already drastically improved. The medicated baths and antibiotics are helping his skin greatly, and his feet are already beginning to heal. He is already a special dog than when he was first rescued, but still features a while to travel until he is going to be available for adoption.

Click here for updates on Lincoln on the shelter’s Facebook page. If you recognize Lincoln or know who may have abandoned him, please contact the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter at 203-315-4125.

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  • Unknown
    Unknown March 25, 2022 at 10:54 PM

    Anybody guilty of animal cruelty needs to be shot through the knees, infected with covid and hung on the fence to die a slow painfuldeath 😈😱😲


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