Oklahoma puppy born with 6 legs and 2 tails considered a miracle

 Skipper is beating the odds to survive and live a healthy life

In an Oklahoma veterinary hospital, the most puppy with six legs and two tails was born alive late last week. The puppy, named Skipper may be a four-day-old Border collie and Australian shepherd mix.

According to Neal Veterinary Hospital, it is known that a puppy with mainly six legs has changed alive. “She has survived longer than we suspect the other canine has (at just 4 days old – published research doesn't indicate one has been born alive) together with her combination of congenital conditions. You would possibly notice she looks a touch different – 6 legs.”

Skipper has four back limbs, two front limbs, two tails and two anuses. Dr. Alison Everett at the animal hospital described the puppy as having a pair of congenital conjoining disorders called monocephalus dipygus and moncephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus. This translates to mean Skipper has one thoracic cavity, one head, two pelvic regions, two reproductive systems and two lower urinary tracts.

Positively, her organs appear to be in great shape, she is peeing and pooping and is extremely strong. She is well cared for and is currently developing normally.far. All of her legs move and answer stimulus a bit like a traditional puppy. Its possible she may have physiotherapy and help with mobility as she gets older. we'll still research her conditions, monitor her development during rechecks and help keep Skipper pain-free and cozy for the remainder of life. She is doing well reception now,” the hospital posted on their Facebook page.

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